Add a touch of class, whimsy and artistic flare to your photos with these specially crafted Painted Textures, created by artist and pro photographer, Melissa Gallo. These textures give your images the look of a handpainted surface. Choose from impasto brushstrokes, soft watercolor washes, canvas or artistic flourishes.

Come explore the full line of our Impasto and Canvas textures!

Discover the magic of the Watercolor, Pencils, Pastels and Paper textures as well!

Use the collections to create various artistic effects. The Italian Collection will lend an "old World" feel to your images, while the Graphic Arts Collection can add punch and excitement, perfect for senior photos!

Want to give your photos the look of a painting on canvas? Then have fun with the Bohemian Canvas Collection! Melissa created these using real oil paints, acrylic paints and colored inks. A "dangerous" set of textures, this collection will add a rough canvas feel to your images and turn them into painted masterpieces!

Want to add pure, thick, impasto brushstrokes to your images? Then the Butter Paint Collection is for you! The textures in this set will give your photos the look of true oil paint!

Need help? Check out the section where Melissa demonstrates how she created several of her images using textures from the various collections.

Mix and match, and experiment to your heart's desire. Above all, have fun! Remember, there is no "right" way to apply textures to a photo.

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